UPRISING is a global gathering of those who dare to believe that prayers are heard, of those who believe their voices matter, and that with one voice, the course of history can change. We will gather those who will speak the heart of God into being. With so many overwhelming issues, we are gathering those whose reality is not just seen with the human eyes, but know that there is a Kingdom that has come and is coming.

We will gather. We will pray. We will see change in our regions and our nations. This is an UPRISING.

It is…

We are looking for ordinary people from every nation who will extraordinarily impact their world. (Acts 17:6)

We are gathering those who believe their prayers matter. We are calling forth ones who are willing to fight and make a sacrifice together, those who will seek the face of God to bring justice and peace among the nations. (1 Peter 4: 7-8, Joel 2:15, Joel 3:9-10, Psalm 24:6, Isaiah 2:2-4)

We are gathering the old and the young who will honor each other and bring healing between generations. We are gathering the bold and the brave who will make a stand and will set a standard for their generation. (Malachi 4:5-6, Luke 1:17, 1 Timothy 4:12, Psalm 110:3)

As the sun rises, the UPRISING will start from the East, where voices will be one in amplifying the sound of Hope that has come and is coming. We are gathering those who are ready to witness God’s glory released to the nations. (John 17: 21, Isaiah 40:3-5, Psalm 113:3, Isaiah 60, Psalm 2, Habakkuk 2:14)