On Pentecost Sunday 2015, a company of lovesick worshippers from across the nations of South East Asia gathered in the upper room of PenHOP for the live album recording of “Here in the Waiting”. I was so blessed to stand amongst this family.

From the moment I stepped into the prayer room, I had to choke back my tears. There was a heavy weight of holiness covering every inch of the room. God was so present - and He wanted this recording to happen even more than we did. 


The songs on this album were birthed from the secret place of prayer and intimacy. Some began as spontaneous prophetic choruses sung to the heart of God in the prayer room. These precious moments that were gathered over the years were now ready to be captured in full. Gathered was a team of gifted musicians, singers, sound engineers and cameramen – each outstanding in their own right. But more than that, each possessed a heart of true worship, seeking only to make His fame known. 

What transpired over the next few hours would mark one of the most powerful nights of my life.

We entered into heaven’s courts singing “Here I Am Again”, telling Jesus that He is our most beloved treasure, and that we would continue to choose Him over and over again through it all. We waged warfare with the praises of God in “Hear Him Roar” – a triumphant shout unto the Lion of Judah. We invited the Holy Spirit, the “Breath of Heaven” to fall again the way He did on Pentecost over 2000 years ago. And fall He did. He pierced our hearts with longing, and the prayer room was fragrant with the incense of pure worship.

We sang, we shouted, we danced, we cried and we worshipped.

“Here in the Waiting” captured the yearning lovesick cry that arises from the heartache of wanting to be with our Bridegroom. On “Surrender”, Alarice from Awaken Generation Sg lent her melodious vocals to lead the room in laying our lives down before the worthy One. John Dip Silas came in with his jazz skills on “So Faithful” – a piece celebrating the goodness of God. “Kau Yang Terelok” was a sweet love song sung together with Carolyn Raymond Boin to the Bridegroom King in our native Bahasa tongue. 

Ming, a prophetic artist painting the Lion of Judah.

Ming, a prophetic artist painting the Lion of Judah.

Josh’s strong vocals carried the message behind each song with power and authority. The reason these songs stand out is not because they sound amazing (they do!), but because of the heart cry behind every word. God does not respond to nice music, He responds to true worship.

What happens when lovers of God gather as one to build Him an altar of worship and reverence? Fire comes down from heaven.

“When the Day of Pentecost had fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. And suddenly there came a sound from heaven, as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting.” (Acts 2:1-2)

What happened in that upper room on Pentecost Day 2000 years ago happened again in PenHOP’s prayer room on May 24th. 

All night long we had been crying out to heaven. And suddenly a great shift happened. All who were present knew it. For a moment, the veil of eternity lifted, and heaven and earth became one. There burst forth a deafening swell of voices all around us (we found out later that none of the singers’ mics were turned on! Angels were singing with us!). I fell as dead on the ground, unable to stand in the presence of such beauty and holiness. Time seemed to hang still and my heart burned like fire within me. All around us the voices grew louder and louder as heaven and earth joined in one chorus. I was so struck by the fear of the Lord that I hardly dared to move. Josh began to prophesy in song about the return of the Lord and His coming government (captured on the final track on the album).

We ended that night singing, “Here in the waiting God, I set my heart on You. Here in the longing God, I am Yours and You are mine.” That will be the posture of our hearts here on this side of time while we wait for our King to split the sky and come back for us. 

I urge you to buy this album. It is more than a random collection of songs. It is the very message burning in the heart of the Trinity – prophesied skillfully through sons and daughters who have given themselves over to hearing His voice. Let these songs usher you into the depths of His presence. Let the glorious encounters captured that beautiful Pentecost night be replicated in your life even as you listen.

And above all else, let it awaken your heart to give Jesus the worship He is so deserving of. On the day of His appearing, let Him have a faithful Bride who has made herself ready in love.